At Molina Legal Services our experienced, warm and bilingual team is eager to represent you on your immigration issues which may include the following:

Family based Immigration Issues

  1. Bringing family members into the United States on tourist visa
  2. Bringing your spouse from another country into the United States on fiancé visa
  3. Bringing your children from another country into the United States on immigrant visa (green card)
  4. Bringing your fiancee from another country into the United States on a fiancee visa (K-1 Visa)
  5. Making sure that children of your relative can immigrate with them (Child Status Protection Act)
  6. 245(i) Protection for Green Card. (for those who entered without inspection or have been out of status)
  7. Assisting in filing for green card based on being a victim of domestic violence or abuse. (VAWA petition)
  8. Assisting in changing a temporary green card into a permanent green card. (Form I-751 Packet)

Deportation and Removal Issues

  1. Represent you in deportation proceedings to stop deportation or filing motion to reopen (limited to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego County)
  2. Represent you if you have immigration hold or other criminal issues that may lead to deportation
  3. Represent you through green card application through marriage while you are in deportation proceeding
  4. Represent you through Cancellation of Removal and NACARA in deportation & removal proceeding
  5. Represent you in asylum and hardship applications with USCIS and in deportation and removal proceeding
  6. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in immigration court if you are from Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti or El Salvador

Molina Legal Services, LLC also provides its clients with the following US Citizenship Application Assistance: 

  1. Assistance in determining whether your criminal conviction will cause you to be deported or can you apply for citizenship
  2. Past Criminal Convictions Analysis and Post-Conviction Relief if you need to get rid of your convictions for citizenship purposes
  3. Represent you in citizenship interview and providing you all of the possible questions on the citizenship exam
  4. Assistance in getting you proof of citizenship if your parents naturalized before you turned 18 years of age