As an attorney, who also enjoys expressing herself creatively on the stage and film, I have a unique insight into the practice of entertainment law and how to make sure that you understand the entertainment industry. Regardless of what your role is in the entertainment world there are many legal issues that will become a part of your reality that must be addressed. As an entertainer you are both a brand and a business. It is important to protect yourself to the fullest extent possible. We can help. Contact us for more information and see if Molina Legal Services, LLC is the right fit for your entertainment needs.

What does an entertainment lawyer do?

Entertainment attorneys help their clients to understand legal agreements, ensuring that the terms are in their clients’ best interests. They regularly counsel clients on issues involving a wide range of legal practice area, including intellectual property, contracts, business, employment / labor, securities, immigration and litigation.

Molina Legal Services, LLC focuses on creative professionals in the performing arts, writers, poets, comedians, dancers and actors. The most common thing I do for clients: they come to me with an acting contract and say “I got this exciting acting gig”. Can you tell me what it says? I’ll review the contract and draft a plain English memo breaking it down while pointing out any issues. I ensure that the “exciting acting gig” is truly exciting and one that best serves the client’s creative professional endeavors.